About M

M is Marc Seago and his trusted and reliable network of industry experts.

The reason why M is different is because Marc is different. His upbringing already makes him quite unusual. As a Third Culture Kid he lived in five countries and on four continents before the age of 20. At the age of five, he could already order food in Mandarin and eat with chopsticks. His five best friends were from five different countries. At this early age, Marc already understood what cultural differences meant and that "it's a small world after all".

After being exposed to dozens of different cultures, Marc studied marketing, communications, media and advertising management in Germany. Today, he lives in New York City and has more than 15 years of integrated marketing experience for both consumer products and professional services and on local, national and international levels. He successfully worked in various industries: publishing, e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, promotional and event marketing agencies. Employers ranged from Fortune 100 companies to bootstrapped start-ups. From these experiences, Marc has established his trusted and reliable network of skilled professionals.

Overall Marc is a highly flexible, creative and critical thinker, who is constantly seeking ways to produce results, improve processes and create solutions/products/services that are ideally scalable and sustainable. He is a pragmatic leader with a keen business sense that seeks a balance between innovative and proven. He always remains very operational and results oriented, while never losing sight of the bigger picture. This is possibly the result of the cultural influences of him living and working in Germany and NYC. As everyone knows, Germans are well known for their very analytical and methodical approaches and their steady and longevity management style. NYers, on the other hand, show great ability to deal with change and a willingness to take risks, and are short-term results driven and have a knack for speed. Marc's work always encompasses the best of these two worlds.

Probably due to Marc's multicultural upbringing and diverse experiences, he gained this unique ability to view things from a rare perspective and to provide a new and different point-of-view on a personal and professional level.

Marc has a never ending curiosity about people and what makes them "tick". This flows over into his passion for trends: understanding them, influencing them, and creating them. He enjoys learning about new "things" and is eager to understand how they can actually be used. Marc is one of first people to look into and try out everything new.

Marc's strong work ethic and great self-starter motivation started at an early age. At 13, he was the youngest ever to sell Germany's number one and two Sunday newspaper, and grew his route to the largest in Germany. In his career he picked up his expertise while working 47 different jobs and with over 100 different brands:

  • Global video conferencing firm, BCS Global
  • Biotech investment firm, InvestBio / InvestPrivate
  • The Economist's online unit, Economist.com
  • Consulting projects for Citigroup, Plum magazine, International NGO, bedding and home textiles, live support software, etc.
  • WeWantWork, innovative campaign for employment, rewarded a Purple Cow by marketing guru and best selling author Seth Godin
  • Ecommerce websites, BuyItnow and eWonders
  • Online city and buyers guide, MSN Sidewalk by Microsoft
  • Interactive agency and SEM firm, Interact Multimedia and Did-it.com
  • Promotional and event marketing agencies, clients: Unilever, Bertelsmann, Phillip Morris, Polaroid, Southern Comfort, Red Bull, Levi's, etc.
  • Certified Track & Field trainer, leading several athletes to national titles
  • Competitive Track & Field athlete
  • Celebrity coordinator, e.g., Mickey Rourke, Sharon Stone, Heads of State at Clinton Global Initiative, etc.
  • Specialty sports store manager and sales staff at trendy fashion boutique
  • Part-time market researcher and telephone marketer
  • Mountain bike guide in the Dominican Republic
  • Seasonal worker, strawberry picker
  • and of course the classic people skills job of bartending

All these different experiences and connections flow back into M, making for a deep and wide resource.


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