What is missing in a cosmopolitan city?

A cosmopolitan city is filled with people from many different countries, and usually has many international government organizations present. Many of these international government organizations roles are to also promote their home countries culture and businesses that operate in the host country.


Living in New York City I have attended many events hosted or supported by an international government organization, e.g., cultural department of the Consulate, trade commission or tourist office. However I find that there is not one single source to find out what cultural events are currently happening. Shouldn’t the city be more interested in supporting these types of events, also to support local integration and cultural understanding, or is there room for a business to do so?


So, what is missing in a cosmopolitan city? A cosmopolitan event calendar, were all international government organizations can list their events and the events that they support or endorse. This centralized event calendar would list official street parades, festivals or fairs, concerts by visiting artist, exclusive dinners where tickets are sold, and where business networking events take place too. 


This cosmopolitan event calendar would help promote the different countries, their cultures, foods, products, services and even businesses. 


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