What if?! Purified NYC Tap Water for $0.50

Everyone needs to drink water and therefore buys it in plastic bottles. Some feel guilty because they know it is not the most environmentally friendly thing to do. Some have a refillable container but still buy the plastic bottle when on the go, especially when their container is empty.


So, I asked myself, “Why carry a refillable container when there are no refill stations available.”


Tap water from a Starbucks restroom is not going to do as a refill station. Or, walking into Nobu asking for a refill will probably not work either. So, what to do?


What if?! If every Deli would have a small vending station the size of an ATM machine where you could refill your 0.75L bottle with purified (NYC) tap water for just $0.50, would you do it then? I sure would.

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