What if?! Bookmarks services have not innovated.

Over the years I have accumulated over 1,000 bookmarks. Every time I have a new project I take a lot of time to do my research and while doing so I keep adding more bookmarks.


I personally find all of the existing bookmark services useless.


If I bookmarked something and did not tag it [correctly] then the only way of finding what I am looking for is by going through each and every link. Trying to Google it could bring up lots of irrelevant pages too. What a waste of time!


What if?! If you could do a content search through all your bookmarks, either by page or site, do you think you could find the content you are looking for faster? Absolutely! And further imagine if you could collaborate and share too. Example, you did research on solar power panels and you only remember it was about a German company. You have 50 bookmarks for this subject. Do a simple search with “solar power panels Germany” and your search results will be way smaller and focused than if you tried the general search of Google, which would result in over 50 million search results. 


Now if this were also a social community where you are connected to other like minded individuals you could also expand your search to their shared bookmarks. After all someone trusted hand selected these bookmarked websites. If you are still not satisfied then you could search the entire network, i.e., everyone’s shared bookmarks. And, if you still have not found what you are looking for then you could go back to Google’s wide general search.


Here is a perfect example how else this custom search could be used. Alltop hand picked hundreds of the best content sites and categories them, if one could only do a vertical search I would be supper thrilled.

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