Bad vs. Good Consultants

Found this comparison Bad v. Good Consultants on Robert Rosenthal's blog.


My favorites are:

- Bad consultants focus on short-term agendas. Good consultants effect long-term change.

- Bad consultants treat external partners as competitors. Good consultants treat them as collaborators.

- Bad consultants care about looking good. Good consultants care about being good.

- Bad consultants tell you what you want to hear. Good consultants tell you what you need to hear.


And I would like to add:

- Bad consultants prefer not to debate with you. Good consultants seek [constructive] debates with you.

- Bad consultants want to grow their business with you. Good consultants want to grow your business.  


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    Sumesh Madan (Thursday, 13 December 2012 00:25)

    My thoughts..
    - Good consultants focus on short-term agendas leading to effect long-term change.
    - Good consultants identify and differentiate the external partners smartly as competitors or collaborators.
    - Good consultants care about loking good while being good.
    - Good consultants tell you what you want to hear while focusing and stressing on what you need to hear.